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Lobbyist profile

Lobbyist details

Business entity name:PremierNational Pty Ltd
A.B.N:71 619 450 841
Trading name:PremierNational

Details of all persons or employees who conduct lobbying activities

Names and positions:Michael Photios - Director
Ian Hancock - Managing Director
Fiona Scott - Special Counsel, Federal Government
Lachlan Crombie - Director, Government Relations
Mark Jones – Director, NSW Government
Darrin Barnett – Director, Federal Government
Ilana Waldman - Director, Property Planning and Infrastructure
Pasquale (Lino) Caccavo - Special Counsel
Graham Richardson - Special Counsel
Thomas Kenny - Senior Consultant, Federal Government

Client details

Name: Clean Energy Investor Group Ltd
Environmental Leadership Australia Ltd
Farmers for Climate Action Limited

Owner details

Name:Michael Photios
Ian Hancock

This page was last updated on 27 Sep 2022.