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The Lobbying Code of Conduct defines a Government representative to be:

  1. a Minister
  2. a Parliamentary Secretary
  3. a Member of Parliament of the political party (or parties) that constitute the Executive Government of the day
  4. a person employed as a Ministerial adviser, or
  5. a Head of Agency appointed under the State Service Act 2000.

The Code states that Government representatives shall not knowingly and intentionally be a party to lobbying activities by:

  1. a lobbyist who is not on the Register of Lobbyists
  2. an employee of a lobbyist, or a contractor or person engaged by a lobbyist to carry out lobbying activities whose name does not appear in the lobbyist's details noted on the Register of Lobbyists in connection with the lobbyist, or
  3. a lobbyist or an employee of a lobbyist, or a contractor or person engaged by a lobbyist to carry out lobbying activities who, in the opinion of the Government representative, has failed to observe any of the requirements of clause 4.2.

A lobbyist who fails to meet the requirements of clause 4.2 would be in breach of the Code and you should decline to meet with them. Clause 9.1 of the Code requires you to report any breaches of the Code to the Secretary of the CEO of the Integrity Commission Tasmania.

Checklist for Government Representatives

When receiving a call/meeting request from a potential lobbyist:

Step One

Ascertain whether the caller is a lobbyist and who they represent.

Step Two

If they are representing a third-party client, then ask who their client is.

Step Three

Check the Register to ensure they are there.

If the caller says they are not on the Register but the meeting is important, advise them that there cannot be a meeting until they are registered and direct them to the Registration portal.

The Integrity Commission aims to process lobbyists’ applications as soon as practicable and in ten business days once their required documentation is received. If the meeting is urgent, applications can be processed more quickly, if necessary.

For more information on who should be listed on the Register see Who needs to register?

Note: Even if a lobbyist is registered, it does not give them any automatic right of access. The decision to meet or not meet a lobbyist remains at the discretion of the Government representative.

This page was last updated on 18 Oct 2022.