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Lobbyist profile

Lobbyist details

Business entity name:Primary Communication Partners Pty Ltd
A.B.N:36 617 864 347
Trading name:Primary Communication Partners

Details of all persons or employees who conduct lobbying activities

Names and positions:Francesco Coletta - Senior Advisor
Christopher Hall - Chief Executive
Craig Regan - Consultant
Jessie Nguyen - Account Manager
Jessy Woodward - lobbyist
Duncan Bremner - lobbyist

Client details

Name: Triple P International; The Butterfly Foundation; Scouts Australia; National Eating Disorders Colaboration; Education Testing Services; BOC South Pacific; Study Group; BOC Limited; Council of International Students Australia; Elgas; Belinda Mason Photography; Australian Hydrogen Council

Owner details

Name:Elagh Group Pty Ltd; Old Prime Pty Ltd; Elora Group Pty Ltd; Borte Group Pty Ltd; Decorada Pty Ltd

This page was last updated on 08 Sep 2022.